What is Creatine?
Creatine is a natural compound produced in our bodies to give your muscles energy. Creatine is made from three amino acids; Arginine, Methionine and Glycine. Creatine is mainly produced in the liver as well as the pancreas and kidneys . Its transported to our muscles via our bloodstream.

Can you get Creatine from food?
The answer is YES.

The richest source of Creatine is red meat. However, to load your body with Creatine, you need to take into consideration how realistic is it that you can consume the amount of red meat needed to provide you with the sufficient amount of Creatine. For example, to load your body with the required amount of Creatine you would need to consume ten pounds of raw steak every day for five days. This meat would also have to be eaten raw, as when you cook red meat the Creatine is removed.

What does Creatine do?
Creatine provides your muscles with energy for explosive movements. For example weight training or sprinting. Creatine is stored in the muscles. The body uses Creatine first because it can be converted into energy faster than any other energy source. So Creatine is basically used when the body requires instant energy.

Creatine is converted quickly, but the body can only store so much of it. Thus, the energy provided by Creatine can only last for about 10 seconds. Then the body turns to it’s second energy source, glycogen. Creatine supplements work by increasing the amount of Creatine in your muscles. The more Creatine is in your muscles, the more fuel is available instantly.

What are the benefits of Creatine Supplements over food?
As stated early to get the required amount of Creatine to see a noticeable difference in performance from your food unless you have very deep pockets and a very, very healthy appetite for steak. Not to mention the health risks involved in taking so much red meat. It is just not realistic and is not advised.

This is where supplements are so useful, you can easily intake the required amount of Creatine in just a small amount of water or fruit juice by adding pure Creatine powder to it. You can take in the Creatine without all the fats you would be in taking from steak. Not to mention the cost benefits, unless you own a heard of your own cattle how much would ten pounds of steak cost a day. Compared to a Creatine supplement there is not comparison. Most Creatine supplements cost between £10.00 and £45.00 depending on the size of the tub and if there is any added ingredients to the Creatine to optimize delivery of the Creatine to your muscles. Also most Creatine supplements are designed to last around a month. Do the maths.

Creatine – Food Vs Supplements
Without a shadow of a doubt supplements are the winner here to provide you body with the correct amount of Creatine required to see a noticeable difference in muscular energy the only the only benefit from getting all your Creatine from your food is it will probably taste better really all other benefits lay with the supplements. This is one of the only times I would truly say if you are wanting to take a large amount of Creatine into your diet supplements are far superior than food.